Case Study: $148,588.60/mo Dating Campaign Using Offer Creation


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I wrote about this on another forum. But, I wanted to go a little more in-depth with it here.

So here's a golden nugget, I've got my media buys secured and my sites locked in for months, So not worried about competition So let me give you guy's some value.

Some key Points to hit these numbers:

- I run on Pops
- I run broad
- I test shit, no one wants to test (this is key)
- I test high payout offers.
- I work with the advertiser, or networks to optimize their offer page to my likings.
- I run as aggressive as possible

I started this campaign out running a ton of SOI offers, and they were doing really well. The problem was quality was shit, so advertisers kept kicking me off. Relentlessly testing, tweaking, I finally started running snapsext. It was doing around 2-3% ROI which is pretty shitty if you ask me, and advertiser couldn't raise the payout, cause they'd end up losing. So here I am, have a boatload of traffic, boatload of leads, yet keep breaking even. I decided to create my own offer. I used VIP offers once again and used the iframe they provided. I created an offer called "Safe Meets" which was basically a Profile pic, with an about me page. Here are the specs below;

Traffic Network: We ran it internally and brokered it out as well.
Lander: Chat Lander, You can use Mobile Ad Scout or Adplexity to get it.
Scripts: Use every script in the book to get the user to click over. Alerts, Vibrate, Sound etc.
Traffic: Adult Pops, & Members Area
Geo: US, CA, AU, UK were the top converting, offer converts internationally. Still didn't get around to the other geo's
ROI: Depends on the day, weekends and nights do best, typically anywhere from 20-30% during the week, then 50-100% on the weekends.

Adult Pop > Chat Lander > Safe Meets > $$$ .. Rinse Repeat.

here's what the offer page looked like

Right below the "Age Verification" request, was the iframe to sign up. Go ahead and give it a shot, if you're struggling with SOI's.

Anyways getting back to work. later guys (stats) below.