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  1. Zeus

    Case Study: $148,588.60/mo Dating Campaign Using Offer Creation

    I wrote about this on another forum. But, I wanted to go a little more in-depth with it here. So here's a golden nugget, I've got my media buys secured and my sites locked in for months, So not worried about competition So let me give you guy's some value. Some key Points to hit these...
  2. Zeus

    How To Write Copy 101

    So here’s my copywrite formula, that tends to work really well. I'm by no means a pro, but I do have quite a bit of experience under my belt. I’ll use 3 examples, I highly suggest testing at least 3 different types of COPY. These are off the top of my head, but you get the idea. 1) Story...
  3. Zeus

    How To Build An Adult Dating Offer

    So we've been working closely with a dating affiliate company called "VIP Offers." They specialize is PPL/PPS type Adult dating, and Adult Gaming offers. The cool thing about these guys, is they allow you to utilize their Iframes (if you are a trusted affiliate) and build out your own offers...
  4. Zeus

    What is Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commissions by promoting products that can range anywhere from apps to skin care products. In this picture, we see that the affiliate shows an ad for the Merchant on a website. Now, this ad can be anywhere from a pop up to a banner ad which will...
  5. Zeus

    Importance of separating your GEO’s and Targeting

    t’s that last campaign at night and you’ve been setting up campaigns all day and you happen to just put that English speaking geo lander mixed into another english speaking country. You wake up and you have a crazy profitable campaign. Only there is one problem because of that laziness from the...
  6. Zeus

    How to know when to bid more or less on your traffic

    Ever have trouble knowing when to bid higher or lower on a traffic source? It’s a big problem and sometimes with a constrained budget it’s hard to gage when to actually keep bidding higher and when to just get rid of an unprofitable source. Obviously there is a lot of other factors such as the...
  7. Zeus

    [Case Study] $12k/day+ 250% ROI - Premium Adult MemberShip with "Implied branding"

    Once again, we took the VIP offers Iframe and made use of it. There was an offer called "punish tube" absolutely killing it with the "Government Banned Porn" lander. We tested the lander and the offer, and it worked very well. Overtime as more and more affiliates ran it, it died down. We decided...
  8. Zeus

    Make money with Adult Traffic On NON ADULT OFFERS

    IMPORTANT MONEY MAKING TAKEAWAYS: > ADULT TRAFFIC WORKS WITH NON ADULT OFFERS. In this case we bridged the gap with sexy ads and landers to a SOI browser game that looks like it could potentially be some adult related, so it worked. But you don't always need to "bridge the gap". We've ran other...
  9. Zeus

    Make money with Adult Traffic On NON ADULT OFFERS

    "But I thought adult traffic only worked with adult offers!" So did I, until I learned there were people making adult work with all kinds of offers. It turns out that there are some very large adult websites that have pretty good quality all around. And when you have some websites getting a...
  10. Zeus

    How to make $xxxx/mo with Chaturbate

    So Chaturbate is a well-known cam site in the adult arena. The cool thing about them is they pay 20% for Life on all user who sign up and spend money on tokens. We actually stumbled upon this as we need a place to divert traffic from one of our media buys when our offers would hit caps. Made...
  11. Zeus

    [Case Study] Traffic Brokering: How to make money selling traffic

    Making five and six figures in a month is always good, but doing it without running any offers at all is even better. A couple of years ago the opportunity presented itself where I was getting traffic and being able to sell almost if not all of it in a matter of days, and the other company was...
  12. Zeus

    List of Traffic Types

  13. Zeus

    Guide To Copywriting

  14. Zeus

    VPN vs Proxy - Which one should you choose

    Many people are acknowledging the power VPNs and proxy servers give to the common customers with regards to comfort and convenience. If you found the web page you are able to accessibility on your desktop computer to be not reachable at your university or office or the collection, then this may...
  15. Zeus

    How to Make Money by Flipping Websites

    Generating massive income on the internet has become a pattern now times. At times when you are determining ways as to how can you generate income, there is one most common and successful way and that is – Generate income on the internet by tossing sites. For those who are not acquainted with...
  16. Zeus

    How Much In-House SEO Activities Will Cost Small Companies

    How much you will spend on SEO will rely on the keywords that you target, their level of competition and how many you use. If you use more keywords, it will cost more. If your company is not as well-known on the web as your competition, you will have to spend more to get to the top rank and...
  17. Zeus

    Are You Making the Most of Social Media Sites?

    Okay, you’ve either built your website or paid someone else to do it for you. Check. You’ve signed up for accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and some web directories. Check. You’ve even followed and friended people in related industries as well as your peers in the hope of putting business...
  18. Zeus

    Five Ways Email Newsletters Can Help To Increase Your Business

    I’ve just signed up to MailChimp and sent off my first email campaign. I’m quite excited about it and would like to share what I learned from Liz Harris of Monton Marketing who taught me everything I know about it... When I went to see Liz at SHV Training a few months ago, she gave me some...
  19. Zeus

    One Huge Way To Increase Your Business

    There is one thing many business big and small can do to further increase their business and keep customers happy. While many companies and individuals do already do it, there are many that still don’t and that baffles me. From what I’ve seen it’s mainly due to them not knowing how powerful this...
  20. Zeus

    Basic Principles of Mobile Marketing

    As cell phones become more firmly entrenched in our everyday lives, their value as a marketing tool cannot be ignored. That being the case, ingenious mobile marketing strategies have been developed over the years making them increasingly more effective. If you’re looking to get into the game...